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Den Crash-Propheten in die Karten geschaut
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Den Crash Propheten in die Karten geschaut

Im Moment ist es schwer, sich durch klassische Medien oder Online-Kanäle zu bewegen, ohne permanent über Crash-Gurus zu stolpern. Diese interessanterweise offenbar ausschließlich männliche Spezies verfolgt ein lukratives Geschäftsmodell, das uns bei unseren Emotionen packt: Unser Neandertaler-Stammhirn vermutet hinter…

Warum ich in Deutschland nicht mehr in Immobilien investiere

Why I don’t Invest In German Real Estate Anymore

Quick note upfront: If you are a renter your view on some of the issues I address might be quite different from mine. Which I can totally understand. But I’m writing about German real estate as a long-term investment…

Stresstest - Bist du gut auf eine Rezession vorbereitet?

Stress Test – Are You Ready For A Recession?

The yield curve in the US has officially inverted, short-term yields are higher than long-term yields. This is interpreted as a signal for an upcoming recession as all US-recessions during the past 50 years have been preceded by a…

Risiken Kapitalanlage-Immobilien - Finanzierung

Real Estate Investment Risks (2) – Financing

This is the second post in my three part series regarding the risks you should be aware of if you want to build up income streams with real estate. You’ll find Part 1 here. Today I’ll talk about financing,…