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Do you like to read books or do you prefer to watch movies?

If you read a story, what happens inside your head?

Can we think in pictures?


What kind of stories do you like: stories packed with suspense, emotional stories, stories that surprise you? 

From a world that’s like your world, or from a world that’s completely different?

Do you have to laugh out loud when reading? Or do tears come to your eyes?

Can fictional events trigger real emotions?


What did your parents read to you at bedtime? Fairy tales? Stories about Pooh the Bear? Peter Rabbit? Matilda? Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn? Harry Potter?

Did you go on adventures with the stories’ heroes in your dreams?

Which books do you read to your children?


Were you eager to learn how to read? 

What’s the first book you were able to read by yourself?

What’s the first book you had to read in school?

Was it easier to write an essay about a book you liked, or about a book you didn’t like?

Are life’s lessons learned from books?


Have you ever fallen in love with a character from a book?

Do you want the hero of a story to conquer challenges? Will you allow him to die?

Do you like stories that end well?


Are there books you read again and again?

Did you ever throw a book away because you couldn’t stand the thought of having it anywhere near you, nor even in your apartment?

Do you own a book that reminds you of someone important to you?

Do you own a book that reminds you of a special event?

Can books become friends?


Have you ever read a book longer than 200, 500, 1,000 pages? 

Do you stop reading a book if it doesn’t grab you within the first pages?

Do you prefer reading in summer over reading in winter? Or reading in winter over reading in summer?


Do you sometimes think about how a story could have ended differently? 

Do you like your ending better than the original?

Do you like stories with an open end?


Is it okay to enjoy the bad guys being shot by the good guys? Do you enjoy it? 

Is it okay to write books that reenforce stereotypes, racism or sexism?

Is it okay to read books that reenforce stereotypes, racism or sexism?

Should old books be re-edited in a “politically correct” version?

Is it okay to publicly burn books?


Do words make a difference? 

Can words touch, hurt, kill?

Is a rose really a rose really a rose?


Why do we need books? Do we need books? Do you need books?

Have you wondered why today’s post is so different from my other articles? 

Do you like thought-provoking books?

May I recommend a very special book to you?


Padgett Powell, The Interrogative Mood  (no affiliate link) 

A frugal tip, as always with my book recommendations: why not check-out first whether it’s available at your local library?

Financial Independence Rocks!

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