Hiya, good to see you!

My name is Katrin and I quit the corporate world just before I turned 49 to pursue ventures directed by my personal interests rather than the need to earn a high income. This was only possible since my husband and I had worked on creating income streams independent of our jobs since the early 2000s – and because I had built up a dedicated pile of F***-You-Money. We live in a large city in northern Germany and have a grown-up son.

Why this blog

Although I’d been interested in finance for quite a long time, I didn’t really get started on personal financial planning and systematic investing before my mid-thirties. I actually only discovered the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) community in 2017, almost two years after I left my last job.

While the FIRE idea seems to gain traction in the US, it is not really a thing in Europe (yet). But job cuts are frequent these days, and the gig economy and automation are gaining ground. So it’s becoming increasingly important to think beyond life-long full-time employment. We need to stay on top of our personal finances to secure financial stability over the course of our life.

I want to help „spread the word“, and share the knowledge I gained along my own journey to FI(RE). And I will add a more European or specifically German perspective, as investment patterns, health insurance, social security and tax systems differ significantly from the US.

Since based on my personal experience I firmly believe that more is not always better, my take on financial independence is also closely related to my philosophy of living the good life – hence the sub-line in the blog’s name.

When you dive into the content on this blog you’ll notice that most of the posts are in German and English – here’s why (hier steht warum).